wtf i was reading my xanga hidden old posts and i saw something. maybe i’ve already posted it here, but its sheer brilliance must be reposted.

anata wa imasen (?, i dont remember, the japanese image doesn’t work anymore)
“You don’t exist”

i wander aimlessly.
you’re dissapearing…
like a polar bear in a blizzard
my mind is clearing.
i’m really a lizard.

i want to hold you
under water
and one day, meet your father
maybe, even your hot mother

the love you showed me.
wasn’t so real after all
“come on lets play ball!”
the voice echoes the pain
it hurts like sticking my foot in a food processor.
oh, those darn muckrakers.

i just want to hold you one more time
the voice that echoes…
its as if in a dream

the memories might fade
i’ll never forget the times we had
playing in the sun
getting skin cancer together

those were the times of my life
too bad you ended it with strife
i thought it was fate.
but it was just hate

i’ve been told
writing love lyrics
gets mighty old.
i’m sick of your bad poetry