dream journal.

was in kind of neutral 3rd person, i guess. i couldn’t do anything except wisp around.

was in san francisco. saw random classmates, and professors. kaela kimura was also there. she suddenly died from some bad friend. (heartbreak or something?) anyways. she suddenly grew out of the ground and was a carrot. she said how it is not fun to have no feet. suddenly she is ghostly again. there were 3 other dead people as ghosts. some scientists were trying to bring the dead ones into some form, so they can get their revenge or whatever.

then i had to go pee.

i think it is weird that i have really bad image recall, so i can’t even think of anyone’s face. but in a dream, just the thought of that person makes that person there. or whatever. people in my dreams don’t usually have a face, but i know exactly who they are. like once i had a dream that had some person i had never met in my life. yet, in the dream i knew exactly who it was. its like image memories and the idea of the person are in separate places. and dreams just play with ideas.