so i was reading jpopmusic forum, because i like to lurk there. anyways, theres some guy thats like all anti america or whatever. its fun because he talks a lot about how america is so bad with wasteful gas, and hamburgers, and other silly stuff. but he never talks about how any other country is doing better. so i don’t know what country he is in, because his location says “fluffy clouds” or something completely lame like that. but i think he should compare countries and say what is better. and be pro-something, instead of anti-america. it is easy to be anti by pointing out mistakes and problems. but if there is nothing that is better to support, then there is no real solution. it is just angry bashing. maybe with pro, there will be more of a solution. movies like v for vendetta are like lolol government sucks, so let’s blow it up! and then what? everyone wears masks? so stop being anti and be pro! so then you can have pro-life and pro-choice!. that is irritating.