was visiting my sister at uop (completely doesn’t make sense). and was eating. this random asian girl that sat in front of me during first semester macroeconomics sneaks in and takes my sister’s wallet. i tell my sister that is happening. she goes chases that girl. the girl turns around, opens the wallet, gives back sister everything except $9, and leaves. so i am angry, i want to get back at the girl. so i think think think and then i think her name is shirley! which i dont think it is. i dont even know her name. she is also like 2-3 years older than me. so oh well. anyways, with the name, i tell the police and take her to jail. on the way to jail, i get distracted by an aquarium and i walked in. i saw my high school friend, danny, cooking (makes sense, all he does now is post pictures of his food). and then i dont know what happened. suddenly everyone is netting fish. theres 2 tanks, saltwater and freshwater. and we can choose which one to net a fish from and keep. everyone did the freshwater. i saw a reedfish (ropefish) and was like omg i want it! but some guy who i dont know caught it first. then i wanted those transparent eels, but they changed into ghost catfish. suddenly i saw a crab that looked saltwater. i was like, hm maybe i should catch that, it seems saltwater. it would be cool to have one of the few freshwater saltwater crabs. then i saw the dory (from finding nemo) fish in the freshwater. so i was very confused. so confused that i woke up.