i was eating dinner and i thought how weird it was for chinese people to invent chopsticks, especially when they eat mainly rice. rice is okay in bowls, but i wouldn’t expect the first object to hold food to be a bowl. i would expect a plate, from a smooth, flat rock. how often would they find concave shaped rock? hm. so if they were eating on a plate, then it would be a problem eating from chopsticks, so probably chopsticks weren’t invented then. so they would have to convert to bowls before inventing chopsticks. but if they were eating with their hands on a plate, a bowl would be worse than a plate, so bowl development wouldn’t really take place. unless they started using another eating utensil, like a spoon. but if they invented spoons, why would they change to a chopstick society?

or maybe they just decided to invent it regardless of the hassles it would cause. the chinese just decided to make it hard to eat. take the path of highest resistance. unlike physics. V=IR.

anyways, reading about chopsticks is pretty cool. apparently chopsticks in chinese used to be called zhu, which kind of sounds like bamboo. anyways, zhu also sounds like stop to sailors, so that was a taboo. so they changed the name to kuai, which means fast. now chopsticks are kuai. yayay. also there’s so many different variations of chopsticks in all the different cultures! that’s interesting. apparently the chopsticks i used when i was young were the japanese style chopsticks. now i don’t know what they are. probably chinese or taiwanese.

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