watched “when love comes” by chang tso-chi. winner of 2010 golden horse awards. it’s about the family of a 16 year old girl that gets pregnant. (big family: dad, dad’s autistic brother, 1st wife, 1st wife’s father, 2nd wife [first wife can’t bear any children, so she agreed to a second wife into the house], 2nd wife has 3 children including main character girl). her boyfriend ditches her and she is stuck with a pretty depressing life. well, at least this movie had a more tragic reality than the current reality tv garbage that seems to idolize unplanned teenage pregnancy.

when i started watching, i felt like it could be similar to edward yang’s “yi yi”, which is one of my favorites. they are both about a family with an event that changes them. but the problem with this movie was that it wasn’t as relatable. these days, not very often do we have families with a 2nd wife for childbearing. the family was also way too large to develop a deep story with any of them. in “yi yi”, all 3 hours of the movie focused on mainly 3 characters. and this movie just kept going sadder and sadder and more tragic (like a lot of typical taiwanese movies). even “yi yi” had enough happiness to balance the sad mood and had that amazing smile at the end. in “when love comes” the ending was like a relief that the baby is finally out. it was a great movie for the first hour, but then it started wandering aimlessly.