this break i watched two long movies. (getting close to 3 hours is long for me). they are both about a person’s life. one is fiction. one is more based on history. they both won a bunch of awards and prizes, and are kind of sad. they are also both stories told in memories. “the curious case of benjamin button” is about a guy who was born super old and ages backwards until he becomes a baby. his mind is normal, only his body is weird. it’s pretty sad, because he’s a lonely man. he found some girl that he loved, but she was young and he was old. then they met in the middle. then she was old and he was young. it is hard to be different. doomed to be lonely. “the last emperor” is about the last emperor of china, puyi. he became emperor at age 3. and then it’s kind of lonely being locked in the forbidden city. he always wanted to see what was outside, then one day rebellion and he was kicked out. then he became a no one. and life was sad. then he wanted to be an emperor again. and then world war 2. japan wanted to take over china, so they set up a puppet state of manchukuo and puyi became the emperor there. but he was a puppet. and did nothing. then communists won and everyone failed. and he was sad and old and lonely. his wife was addicted to opium. this movie was kind of weird because they spoke in english. and some random parts in chinese. italian director. about china. in english.