a few days ago, a friend asked me who i thought was a cute japanese idol actress person (because she is lame and all she does is obsess over skinny japanese boys that look like girls). so i thought and i thought and all i could think of was that girl from jdrama “shiroi haru”. i didn’t even remember her name. so i had to search up the drama and find the name yoshitaka yuriko just to respond to that question. anyway, apparently she’s in some new drama since last time, this time with a lead role. so i thought, why not? i have finals this week, so i should start watching a 10 episode drama about romance between a pair of college students and one is dying from a terminal illness. sounds like a great idea.

so i watched 3 episodes at double speed to speed up the time. it seems like they are moving away from the cancer diseases these days. i guess people are tired of leukemia and the actresses are tired of shaving their heads (or putting on bald wigs). yoshitaka has some mysterious, nonhereditary, degenerative brain disease that has a name that is too hard to be pronounced. her only symptom is feeling dizzy and falling down. and she takes a plain white small round tablet (kind of looks like generic lorazepam) for treatment. oh yea, apparently the disease progresses pretty quickly, she’ll die within a year of diagnosis. and with 6 months left, she’ll find true love from a guy she just met in episode 1. i think i see the connection now. true love must be part of the the brain’s degenerative process. even though i’m brain dead, i still haven’t found any true love, so i’m guessing that true love is related to the rate of degeneration. my brain has already completely atrophied so my -d[brain]/dt will be a lot less magnitude than her -d[brain]/dt. i really need to find a way to speed up the process. all these kids in these jdramas have found true love in high school or college. i’ve already graduated from all that and i’m still lonely. oh, forever doomed.