i watched “the river” by tsai ming-liang. like all tsai ming-liang movies, it is slow. and has the same actors. and is pretty lonely and alienating. it’s about hsiao kang. i don’t even know if that’s his name in this movie, but all the characters in his movies always have the same names. so i will assume it is hsiao kang. there was a film crew filming a movie at a river. they couldn’t get the mannequin to look like a dead floating body, so they asked hsiao kang to be the dead body. after this, he starts getting some crazy neck pain. and the rest of the story is about the neck disease. at home, hsiao kang’s dad is a homosexual. and his mom is frustrated, i guess. and their roof leaks (probably something symbolic). i guess the disease that director tsai is trying to get through is that people don’t communicate their problems, so they always suffer internally. and they are always lonely and all that. it’s similar to all his other movies… his best movie is still “the wayward cloud”. at least that one had scenes that attract attention. and still delivered a similar message. but then some of the crazy art reviewers are like the uncomfortably long scenes are supposed to symbolize all the uncomfort in that world, so it is necessary to create good art.