“district 9” is about aliens that end up on earth, in johannesburg, south africa. the world creates a group to provide relief to the aliens. the land the aliens live on becomes a slum. segregation happens and after 20 years, the people protest the aliens. so they are moving the aliens to a place far away from johannesburg. a man is sent to evict the aliens, but accidentally sprays himself with some alien equipment. because of that, he slowly transforms to alien. this intrigues the human scientists and he becomes a medical experiment. all he wants is the world to be like what it was before. he meets an alien, who was named christopher, and they work together.

it was really quite a great movie. it really shows how people act. how events can suddenly cause people to view others differently. the man was originally some leader in the eviction. he had some authority. but once he became a little alien, people were more interested in cutting him apart. it also shows how two very different cultures can never really get together. they will always feel superior to the other and there will always be a fence in the middle. and they really made the aliens look weird but human enough for the viewers to empathize with them.