i watched two omnibus films recently. one was from taiwan, focusing on taipei. one was from france, focusing on paris. the two are very different cities. one has white people. one has yellow people. i enjoy these compilations of short films because, like any person that grew up with fast-paced hollywood, i have a really short attention span. so the short films keep me interested.

first one was taipei 24H. it has 8 films. each is about 3 hours in a day of taipei. i originally saw that tsai ming-liang was in the movie. he’s a cool director, but he’s acting now. his normal actor lee kang-sheng decided to direct this time. so it was interesting. too bad his segment was really the most artistic mindblowing thing ever. and i don’t understand it. so it was eh. some of the other short films were pretty cool too. one was filmed in one shot from the top of a tree. and some were just normal child relationship romance things. oh well. it was nice to watch. the love hotel one was funny.

the second one was paris je taime. there’s 18 short films in this one, so each film is like 5 minutes. it is a very good length. almost youtube length. they all have some theme about love in paris and i guess people are crazy. they have stories about american tourists, vampires, natalie portman, old people, prostitutes, muslim people, cowboys, chinese people, and black people. very diverse movie. the last one was great. so lonely.