pokemon is really bad to people like me. i really like to be complete. and pokemon is like the hardest thing to be complete on. in the game, its impossible to get all the pokemon with one game. theres pokemon exclusive to sister versions of the same generation. so that is annoying. the anime is annoying because it never ends. and there are episodes that aren’t aired in america. so it has to be in japanese and has to be translated. but i like all my stuff from one consistent source, so it is horrible! maybe one day, i will buy all the pokemon dvds and rerip and help the world of pokemon lovers (the ones that are ocd). maybe, when i have money. ill have to get all the japanese ones and all the american ones too. great!

on an evolutionary topic, evolution is really stupid. they have this thing called the K-T extinction. which is between the cretaceous period and the tertiary period. i can always find cretaceous. but i can’t find tertiary!!.

heres the timeline from the “International Commission on Stratigraphy”:

from book:

time is apparently broken up into eons, which are divided into eras, which are divided into periods. so that first light blue is phanerozoic era. green and yellow are the mesozoic and cenozoic eras. that is okay. that means cretaceous is a period, so tertiary should be the period right after it. and then i see some paleogene period. wtf is that? so i look in the book. they dont put paleogene, they put paleocene… apparently paleocene is an epoch, which is a division of periods. so the book skipped the periods of the cenozoic era, and just went straight to epochs. so they can compare a period to a epoch…

and then i look that up again on wikipedia and it says tertiary period is cut into more periods, which is the paleogene and others. WHY!?!?!? WHY DID THEY SPLIT A PERIOD INTO PERIODS AND NOT TELL ANYONE!? WHY DON’T THEY JUST GET RID OF THIS TERTIARY PERIOD, AND RENAME IT A K-P EXTINCTION!? IT TOOK SO LONG JUST TO FIND WHEN THE DINOSAURS DIED!!!!!