one day at the pharmacy.

female presents to pharmacy with pain, anxiety, and discharge forms from the emergency room. diagnosis: narcotic withdrawl. prescription: norco (hydrocodone/acetominophen 10/325 mg) [a narcotic], and ativan (lorazepam) [for anxiety]. patient is on a budget and is only carrying $15. norco will cost $13 and the ativan will cost $18. she wants/”needs” the norco. cannot fill a prescription from discharge forms. need a fax of the actual prescription from the hospital. call emergency room to get the fax. they say they will fax. they don’t send fax. woman doesn’t have enough gas to drive back and forth. she is complaining. she is waiting. past medications indicate. she was spending $100+/month on oxycodone prescriptions before. methadone too. and vicodin, obviously. i guess that is why she is on a budget now. still waiting. fax never arrives. thank you doctor for writing a prescription that will definitely solve all her problems of narcotic addiction and then just dumping an anxious, detoxing, hurting woman in the pharmacy.

man presents to pharmacy with a 12 pack of beer and pickup for “a big bottle” of lovaza (a bunch of fish oil at prescription doses; manufacturing of this drug is actually causing overfishing problems). he states the big bottle is for his cholesterol. and the beer is to “counter that shit.”

female presents to pharmacy with prescription for abortion medication. past medical history indicates she was recently on fertility medication. and abortion medication. and fertility meds. and abortion meds. i wish people could make up their minds.