there is a time when everything has been said and nothing more can be said. i wonder if that is happening to this blog. i hope that isn’t the case. maybe i am just too busy to even think of things. but it really doesn’t matter what mechanism is causing the lack of updates. there are no updates. and that is the phenotype that we can all observe. well, maybe if i know the cause, then i can find a cure. drug discovery. stuff like that.

well, here’s some news. so far this month, i’ve had 700 gigabytes of internet activity. it’s a personal best. i’m actually only allowed 250 gb, but oh well. they aren’t calling me to tell me to stop so i’m happy. on an unrelated note, i need to get a new computer that is capable of playing bluray video. on another unrelated note, i need money. i am working around 2 days a week. spending time in class, then the rest of the time is in research. biology research is really slow. have to wait for cells to grow. i wish they would just grow faster. but i’m working with cancerous mutated cells, so i guess they already do grow pretty fast. oh well. i think i am going to go swimming today. the weather is hot. but i want to go around 6 or 7, when the sun is not so bright. well, i guess the sun is always around the same brightness, just the angles and stuff changes the directness of the beams.

the drugs to get rid of intestinal worms are funny. some make the worms contract until they blow up (at high doses). and some make them so flaccid they just fall off. i have to go to the hospital to do free hours this sunday. this sunday is also july 4th. we have monday off, but i can’t go home this weekend. i should have chose a better day for this hospital thing. oh well. 3 more times left. but then it is the end of the semester. and finals! i’m listening to some 1980s taiwanese music. is it quite old. it is enjoyable though. i ate a tomato a few minutes ago. it was very enjoyable. i enjoy tomatoes. they are red and chewy and have lots of fluids. it’s like eating raw meat. except with less protein.