i watched edward yang’s “yi yi” again yesterday. it’s the 3 hour long movie about a taiwanese family and their life. i think i appreciated the “art” of it more watching it the second time. the story is split into three people’s lives. the man who isn’t happy with his life and suddenly meets his ex-girlfriend from 30 years ago. his daughter, who is dealing with a high school love triangle. and his son, who is really interested in letting people see a perspective of themselves they cant see (eg. the back of their head). the wife’s mother went into a coma early in the movie and this made the wife realize her life is so dull and the same everyday, so she ditched her life and family to go to some buddhist retreat. so everyone has some issues and yea. the ending kind of gives a somewhat optimistic message that we should let go of the past regrets and keep going for the future. but from what i read, apparently the taiwanese people that watch this movie usually have the feeling that this whole movie is sad. (the movie’s not released in taiwan either, because director yang didn’t feel like dealing with the business in taiwan.) the director lived in both taiwan and america later in his life, so i guess we’ll never know what his meaning of the ending is. i guess that’s art. well, the shots are kind of cool. he uses a lot of shots through windows to show two things at once. it will have the character interaction and also show the taipei lights.

so artistic.

i was surprised the streets aren’t busy at all. this is taipei! how can it not be busy!?

rainy taiwan.