during one of the quizzes, the professor said “please put everything away. you only need pencil and rubbers.”

… oh, the british. it’s funny because professor is from china. they teach british english there. when i was in china, i saw a bunch of extra u’s in words.

well, i think it’s interesting how fast languages can diverge. america has only been separated for over 200 years and the accent and vocabulary is already quite different. actually, even within america there’s already a lot of accent diverging. so much that arizona wants to kill off english teachers that have accents. could be good if it made everyone speak good proper english (whatever that is. need to define it first.), but language is always changing, so it might not be effective anyway. as long as people can understand each other. accents are not too bad. internet talk changes too fast. that is hard to keep up with. off of the internet for a week and a million memes have spread and suddenly there’s new acronyms and everything.