there’s not much to say. i’ve been really busy for some reason. go to school. go to research lab. go to work. come back, too lazy. no time to make any observations to comment about in this blog. midterms are coming up soon, they are actually the same time most other schools have their finals. then we keep going into the summer. when i first started, i thought this nonstop speed schooling would be nice and i could just study hardcore for 3 years. but i guess not. well, maybe. but people are graduating and having summer and being at home, but i cannot be at home. so if i isolated myself more, it would be easier, i guess. and this lack of summer also kind of ruins any possibility of summer internships. because there is no summer. so i just school. and end up unexperienced. i guess the saved year is just used to make up that lack of experience. so i have to pile everything on the same time. therefore time is gone. there’s a few things i would like to do, but i guess i have to put them off. prioritize, i guess. just keep pushing. things will fall into place. unless there’s no gravity, then that would be a problem. have to exert all this extra work to put everything in the right place. too bad i don’t know where things go. should figure that out first. but somehow other things always prioritize over that. so i just keep going, but never figure out where i am going. papaya mango.