yesterday, went to utada hikaru’s “UTADA IN THE FLESH” tour thing. it was good, except they had a lousy dj play for an hour as an opener, which kind of delayed everything, and i got back an hour later than expected. oh well. she played keyboard for sakura drops and stay gold. the backing band was pretty good. actually changed the style to less r&b; and more rock, which was very nice. devil inside was pretty heavy metal. it was completely unexpected, but then, i never listened to the album that song is on. she had some mic problems, but she was like “oh, i guess you know i’m not lipsyncing now.” she was telling some story about how she took a walk to the pier, and everyone just clapped and cheered, and she was like “… the pier? … YEAAAA PIER!!” and everyone cheered randomly. lol. then she went to some cafe named “plant” *cheer* “.. YEA PLANT!!” *cheer!YAYAY*. “i had a smoothie. YEA SMOOTHIE!!” anyway, i took pictures on camera phone, but camera phone doesn’t have zoom, so it doesn’t look that great. and then they sent a big black guy to tell me to stop. oh well.

and after the show, there were free apples? i didn’t get one though. it was too weird for me. (edit: apparently, the apples are part of the venue’s [fillmore] tradition)

1. On and On
2. Merry Xmas Mr. Lawrence – FYI
3. Poppin
4. This One (Crying Like A Child)
5. Sanctuary
6. Sakura Drops
7. Stay Gold
8. Devil Inside
9. Kremlin Dusk
10. You Make Me Want To Be a Man
11. The Bitter End (Placebo cover)
12. Apples and Cinnamon
13. Come Back to Me
14. First Love
15. Can You Keep a Secret?
16. Automatic
17. Dirty Desire

1. Simple and Clean
2. Me Muero

a video, before they gave me a warning.