hot and cold. the weather confuses. on and off. rain and no rain. sunny and no sun. wind and no wind. cold, hot, hot, cold. i’m so confused, can you just go in one direction? or have smooth transitions? at least sine (or cosine, i don’t care) or something. i don’t need anymore disjoint functions. no tan, sec, csc, cot, 1/x. f(x) be continuous. or be differentiable. being continuous is not sufficient. is that too much to ask? apparently so. be clear, like glass windows. washed clean by this rain. and immediately dried by the sun. i’m so confused and it is affecting me.

One thought on “weather

  1. Boring

    life would be so boring if that were the case

    life would be boring
    just like your blog
    all blue and white
    no black in sight

    life would be boring
    just like your blog
    find an emo theme
    and give me a wet dream

    that didn’t cu… come out right. teehee

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