wasting time.



.given name. abraham chang. is it not known yet?

.name(s) your bestest friends call you. abe, abby

.worst nickname *you’ve been called* ever. ham. bra.

.siblings. grace, esther

.nicknames you’ve given them. none

.nicknames they’ve given you. none

.pet names *your lover or past lovers have called you*. sorry, no lovers.

.pet names *you’ve called them*. sorry, ask me later.

.what you call your parents. mom, dad

.born in a (hospital, log cabin, box, etc). hospital

.born in (city/state). san jose, ca

.first word. uh. i dont know

.hair color when little. black

.hair color now. black

.colors your hair has been. do they change?

.eye color. brown

.distinguishing marks. uh. i dont know. however people remember who i am.

.piercings. none

.tatoos. none

.6 toes(and other mutant body things). i have 2975 fingers

.my nails are. cut

.favorite feature *on me*. wow. what a dumb question.

.least favorite feature *are you saying i’m not perfect*. dont know



.gender. let me check

.virgin. yes

.date. none

.age of first kiss. i dont know

.name of first kiss. you name a kiss?

.age of first real s.o. what is a so.

.current *or last* so. eh

.how long has *had* this been going on. wtf

.age of first love. love as in sex love or happy love?

.name of first love. still confused

.still love them. im thinking happy love

.did they love you. why is it they? why is it plural? i demand an answer. its he/she not they. silly fool.

.do they still. they. they. all this they.

.age of last love. last love? as in recent love or the last love before i die? things to think.

.name of last *or current* love. i dont know

.still love them. if its current, wont one still love this “them”

.did/do they love you. how am one supposed to know

.best gift you ever got from an so. whats a so.

best gift you ever gave an so. whats a so

.silliest place you’ve ever been kissed. no where

.if you kiss this spot i melt. anywhere?

.person you regret letting go of. ha. i let go of no one

.best sex song ever. uh. korn – adidas?

.worst sex song ever. that.. milkshake song.

.last song you can remember having intercourse to. sorry. cant answer that



.meat. anything

.where i like to eat. in my room

.best place to eat out. mcdonalds!

.tastiest food i can make. anything with directions on the box

.favorite dessert. ice cream

.diet much. no

.favorite fruit. strawberry

.favorite vegetable. tomato

.favorite candy. chewy chocolate

.favorite food as a child. french fries

.non alcoholic drink. i cant drink alchoholic anyways. dr pepper.

.alcoholic drink. hm. those weird wines.

.soda. dr pepper

.juice. orange

.milk. soy milk tastes good. normal milk does also.

.tea. jasmine

.type of chocolate. hersheys?



.sock. white socks

.underwear. whatever fits

.pants. not jeans. not dickeys.

.shirt. tshirts

.shoes. the only shoes i have

.store. macys?

.book. none

.children’s book. none

.tv show. none

.children’s tv show. none

.movie. none

.children’s movie. none

.celebrity. hm…. none

.actor. none.

.color. black and white

.musician. christian “flake” lorenz.

.band. rammstein

.album. rammstein – mutter

.eric clapton band/album. wtf.

.artist *as in art people*. the people that draw concept art for final fantasies

.bad teenage prime time series. none

.music video. rammstein – sonne. evil snow white!

.video game. final fantasy x

.board game. monopoly

.bar game (pool, darts, drinking game). pool..?

.party game. warcraft 3.

.nailpolish color. sorry. i dont do that stuff

.drug. tylenol

.star trek series. never watch

.radio show. none.



.ella fitzgerald * billie holiday. er. dont know

.cartoon * claymation. claymation

.puppy * kitty. puppy

.tv * radio. tv

.museum * gallery. gallery

.cold * hot. cold

.coffee * tea. tea

.the fonz * jessie from full house. huh.

.elvis * the beatles. neither

.jimi hendrix * led zeppelin. led zeppelin

.jazz * blues. jazz

.sex * fucking. aren’t they the same? just different terms?

.light bulb * candle light. light bulb.

.airplane * train. airplane

.pbs * fox. fox

.william shatner * patrick stewart. i dont know

.white rose * red rose. red

.fingers * toes. fingers

.nose piercing * eyebrow piercing. piercings are dumb

.inferno * paradise lost. huh.

.blind date * singles “event”. er

.roller skate * ice skate. roller skating

.swingset * see saw. swingset

.water * fire. water

.woods * farm. woods

.mountains * ocean. ocean

2 quizzes in 2 days. im on a roll.