so. there were guests at my house. i had to take care of little kids. i showed them final fantasy x. they were interested with all the fighting and stuff. so i showed them the ending. they were intrigued by the last boss guy pulling a huge sword out of his chest and blood everywhere. and so when i got to fighting the aeons part. summoning aeons and stuff. yuna always looks up to summon aeon. and the little kids are like. “why does she always point her boobs at the sky?”. what an interesting question. so they go on making theories of magical boobs. what weird kids. good thing i didn’t summon shiva.

Mandell 4 HWGD: wow you supervise very observant kids

Mandell 4 HWGD: man, i wish i were as observant

Mandell 4 HWGD: i’d enjoy FFX more