apparently, the army has gone emo. today some band from the army played at school and they just played emo songs. yellowcard, maroon 5, greenday, new found glory, story of the year, switchfoot. the list goes on and on. so i wonder why they let these emo people go into the army? i saw fahrenheit 9/11 and it showed a scene with army people in iraq listening to some death metal from like ozzfest or something. but apparently the army really listens to emo music and cries and kills themselves because they are sent to iraq. so silly. some kind of army. the army just screws around and plays music. thats where all the tax money goes. lovely.

i am crazy. i talk to my homework. especially when i dont get the correct answer or when the homework takes too long. maybe one day the homework will respond to me. and ill know when ive really gone crazy.