recently, i have been reading about the debate of universal healthcare, because the president is pushing for it, it is summer, and i’m bored. and i guess i’m ending up in healthcare eventually, so i should have an opinion or at least be somewhat educated on these issues. so here is some list for my own summary. i hope i don’t have much of an opinion because i’m just an idiot 20 year old who doesn’t know real life yet.

– healthcare is not a right. healthcare is like any other service, like plumbing. that should be free too.
– healthcare is a right, because people can die from illness. people don’t die or get sick from clogged toilets (debatable? ha). constitution says we have right to life.
– then the government should buy me a new car with all the safety features, so i can have a safe life. the right to life doesn’t mean that we have to pay for everyone else, especially the people on poverty and the people that make themselves sick from lack of exercise, eating unhealthy food, etc.
– maybe we should privatize everything then! for example, public education: i don’t want to pay for other people’s bad students.

– can ERs refuse people if they cannot pay?

– people will abuse the system by seeing the doctor for very little things and ask for a lot of lab tests and stuff.
– copay solves this?
– what amount of copay?

– every industrialized country has universal healthcare except for america. they don’t spend as much money on healthcare and have better service.
– just because they have it doesn’t mean it works well. many borrow money to support their systems. and many don’t have populations as large as america. america is huge. america has no money.
– raise taxes.
– no.
– yes.
– no.

other problems:

– everything becomes a lawsuit in america, so doctors are forced to perform a bunch of expensive tests to make sure nothing can be sued for.
– too many people and middlemen. drives prices up.
– insurance. people pay for it. they want to get their money’s worth. they order a bunch of tests, whatever they can, whatever is covered. insurance counters by raising rates. repeat. (positive feedback on trying to profit.)

well, i don’t know. it’s just sad that the healthcare system has moved away from the original goal, which was to help people (i think). now, business and economics (and reality) have forced it to become a system where people only care for themselves.

i guess that’s what happens when one’s job would ideally eliminate its own customers. the idea already doesn’t make sense. it creates evil.

altruism doesn’t exist, huh?