i like stars. i like clocks. i like books. im not crazy. im falling apart. the stars are falling apart. get used to it. time doesn’t go back. what am i talking about? just whatever comes to my mind. which isn’t much really. because i just woke up. and it was dark. so i got scared that i slept through the night. whatever. now i wont be able to sleep at night. and i wont get enough sleep for school tomorrow. then ill be sad. sad. bad. mad. had. shutup you nerd. who? not you. the computer next to you. computer fans are loud. i want to rip them off. and then let my computer over heat. unwanted does not mean unnecessary. ugly does not mean undesirable. appreciation does not mean tolerance. yay.

BeatingIt2Hard: I’m going to make my own website.

BeatingIt2Hard: And I’m going to advertise something that everyone wants.

BeatingIt2Hard: And I’m going to put your phone number on it as the contact number.

azN xrE taRD BOI: thanks.

BeatingIt2Hard: Do you want to know what your phone number is?

azN xrE taRD BOI: yea

BeatingIt2Hard: 408

BeatingIt2Hard: ### #### (he really did know it. even though he goes to a different school now)

BeatingIt2Hard: HAHAHAHA

azN xrE taRD BOI: awesome

BeatingIt2Hard: HAHAHA!

BeatingIt2Hard: No.

BeatingIt2Hard: I’m going to put Rei’s number.

BeatingIt2Hard: I forgot all about him.

BeatingIt2Hard: But when I see your number, I suddenly see him.