writing haiku is

not very hard. just stop at

the seventeenth syl-

today. the guy sitting across from me in art class talked about battle royale. and said it would be great to have a battle royale at school. he would pay to watch. and i would to. its funny how silly people are in art class. then he started talking about working at starbucks. and he talked about how some people work really hard to get in college, but never earn any money during high school. and how some people just work and dont do well in high school. but money is more important. because one can start earning money just from the beginning. and save up. but he might not get a good college and never get a better job. and be stuck at starbucks forever. but does it really matter? because living paycheck to paycheck isn’t that bad. its just that there is less luxury. hm. oh well. college is just for people that cant handle the real world. so they just go to school for another 4 years. im going to drop out of school!. and then start working at minimum wage places and then. ill live like that forever. and ill be happy. not really. school sucks. and so does not going to school.