people are so competitive. even during the time they take the finals. one person coughs. and then everyone starts to compete. its like. they want to spread the plague and show their plague is better than everyone else’s. and everyone just has to breathe. so the room gets all hot and nasty. and sickening. and. i HATE B+’s. because i get some retarded B+ in APUSH and im angry. because i should have worked harder or something. and its stupid. its so close. and its so far. and its the same as a 80%. its all the same! i hate it. im going to ask my teacher to lower my grade. so i can be cool. and brag about how close i was. and that i didn’t get that one letter grade under. i hate this. cant wait for tomorrow’s finals.

i f331 50 w45t3d: btw i’m talking to you and random people because i’d rather look stupid than study for finals