im floating. because i am bored. i dont know what to do. i could do homework. but week breaks just cause super procrastination. i have to do many things. but i could do them later. i should start ap studying. but i wont. because i have a week. and thats all. and theres this one guy on ebay. with lots of japanese indie cds. well, he has fra-foa. and i am amazed. and i love him. but he doesn’t love me. he only loves my money. i want all the fra-foa cds. i will collect every release. all 8 or so singles. both albums. and then ill be so happy. and ill go kill myself. but first i will need to get a copy of last quarter. platinum limited edition box version of course. of course thats sold out already. and now i have nothing to do. because its gone. and ill never find it again. because its GONE. FOREVER. WHGRLWKGHRLKGJWR. tear tear. but whatever. i have too many kill bill posters. my sister got me one yesterday because she went to great america yesterday and apparently they sold them there. i have 3. but thats not all of them. because tarantino decided to make billions of versions. i want the kill bill door poster, with all the characters and junk. and a battle royale one. but they cost too much. sad.