there is one thing in this world that i hate a lot. and that is my computer. i was listening to my wonderful 29 minute x japan song. and i was almost done. right at the climax. when suddenly my computer shuts down. so im like. oh okay. and i turn it back on. simple enough. but it really didn’t turn back on. so im like. wow. cool. and i press buttons. and nothing happens. so i think my power supply is broken. so i test an old power supply and it works. so i go out and buy a new one. and plug it in. suddenly it doesn’t work. and then i try the old one and it works. and i try all of them. and they all work. but only when i plug it into my motherboard. and then everything dies. and nothing works. and now something works. my computer is haunted. the little bytes want to come out and kill me. too bad i have project b progress report saved on my computer and i cant retrieve it because my computer is down. and its on a sata harddrive. and i have no other computer in my house that can run sata harddrives. life really sucks. and to make life even more crappier, i had drivers training in the middle of this mess. i hate my computer. and i hate everything. life is nonsense. i dont want to breathe tomorrow morning.