today i woke up and took a shower. then i walked over to where my computer is. and then i pressed the on button. except my computer wasn’t there. and it wouldn’t turn on anyways. so i sat around and did calculus. because i need my daily good calculus. and then i went to driver’s training for the last time. and it was great. because driver training instructors are always late. the 1st time, he was late. 2nd time he got a flat tire. and today, there was a car accident. so its great because i can drive less. and then i drove and he made me drive on some hick road. and its just mountain roads and nothing around. so i drove and he fell asleep. i love winding roads. its so fun. and it sounds deep. because it could be symbolism. which i miss from not being in english ap. (not really). i dont even know what is happening in english. oh well.