the sky is cloudy today. my crayons won’t melt. the sun is gone. hidden songs aren’t really hidden songs. some stupid bands even write that they are hidden and give the lyrics in the booklet things. some bands put hidden songs after like 1 minute of silence on the same track as the last song on the album. and then if that last song is really good, it cant really be put on repeat because it would loop through the whole song and the silence and the other ‘hidden’ song. its so annoying. then other bands put hidden songs after a bunch of blank tracks. like mikami chisako. has like 11 tracks. then 12-98 are all empty songs. and 99 is some secret song. and its just misleading because its like 99 songs. its like “omfg! i got my money’s worth.” but not really because its all blank. then there was some band that made a whole cd of lawnmower sounds. 45 minutes of grass mowing. yay. i think ill become rich and famous and release an album and have a hidden song. and it wont exist on that cd because its hidden.