i stare. daydreams are stupid. they waste time. time is wasted. dreams are strange. because they can seem so happy, but leave a sad feeling. or they can be something else and leave the most completely opposite feeling. i hate them. i think ill read sigmund freud and learn all about dreams and how to not create them. theres apparently 4 things that stimulates dreams. and they are all pretty much unable to dodge. one is external and another is internal happenings during sleep. another is physical problems like bad kidneys. and the last is what happens during awakening. so i guess i could remove my brain and ill never have another stupid dream. dreams are stupid because they recall memory that is random and insignificant. everything is insignificant. i never want another dream.

[betto1231] I think everybody here is a little fucked up
[[‘__’]] NO SHIT!
[xiarary] sure we are.