i guess ive joined the ranks of those who are trying to escape the asian curse. i feel my body is falling apart, so my mom is like you should go to gym. so now i am an asian kid that is trying to escape skinny asian thing.

it sucks being under 18. cant get married. cant live by self. cant buy bad magazines. and cant do other inappropriate things. but what sucks the most is that i cant even sign up for gym membership by myself. so i have to get parents.

i really despise school now. they wont give me a schedule change. and they also run out of dr pepper. how can i live in school!?

poetry is easy to write i think. just write a very detailed long sentence describing some event. and add lots of prepositional phrases and stuff. and then just end each line whenever wanted. more obscure the place the better. then remove all the pronouns all the modifiers are ambigious. and then because of ambiguity and the strange cutting, it will be so deep you wont even know it.