the pigs did not attack. they must have saw our defense and retreated into their base. they are good at hiding among trees, but they will be found one day. we will hire goblin shredders to cut down all the trees until we find them.!

on a completely different topic:
i’ve decided to analyze my own poetry from yesterday, because i am so conceited..

this way no english teacher can make any false claims about my work when i become required reading.

line 1- watching bubbles float away is really depressing.
bubbles = symbolism of individuals.
float = metaphor for becoming rebellious and independent.
away = diction to emphasis independence.
really = diction to emphasis coming word.
depressing = emotion that reader should be feeling by reading this masterpiece
This line can be interpretted two different ways. The bubbles could be individuals growing up and gaining independence or slowly succeeding in life by furthering themselves away from others. This is depressing because it is uncomfortable, but it happens.

line 2- no matter how far away they fly,
As the bubbles fly away, they try to separate themselves from each other. This is especially true in life as kids become rebellious nonconformists and they dislike others. So they try to distance themeselves.

line 3- they just fall down and die.
The end. All bubbles pop eventually. No matter how far in life one gets, it is all lost and he DIES. No matter how independent a person becomes, he DIES.

Obviously, this is a very talented poet. Even his lines have some rhyme, unlike poets today.