it’s a wonderful world. correct and recorrect. that is the world. i want to watch zebraman. its about a guy who is a failure at life so he tries to escape the world by dressing up as zebraman. and hes a superhero. and it seems cool. because its a takashi miike movie. and they are all good. anyways. today we watched hamlet in english. the version with mel gibson. anyways. when he was dying, there was an upclose shot of his face. and i think i saw the camera’s reflection in his eyeballs. that would be a cool mistake! like in azumi, there is one scene where the camera man’s shadow can be seen. mistakes are fun. but everyone makes them. but that is just an excuse. people should just strive for perfection. but thats impossible. so why bother? might as well be the lowest. because 2nd is the first loser. ABCDF grading system is silly. 90 is the same was 99. i strive for 90. i miss sometimes.

prove rad2 is an irrational number. but its more like prove rad2 isn’t a rational number. bah. extra credit for stats is to answer the question “what is a number?” and apparently. thats a very hard question to answer. apparently theres more the numbers than just the real and imaginary. and rational and irrational. there are surreal numbers also.