sad music is really depressing. but that is just a redundancy. weak sentence. state the obvious more please. i like 24 cylinders. i think. give me laugh. give me pain. give me something. or nothing. look at it now. dreams wilt. what a metaphor thing. do they bloom also? maybe. give me nothing if time ends. and over here its supposed to go dot dot dot. to give it more thought and seem deep. does your voice reach me?

i dont like classes that have participation points. i cant raise my hand. its a medical condition! maybe. but i cant. no matter how much i want to get the points. and then stupid people always want to talk. and contribute nothing. or say the same thing as before. and when they talk they always say “i dont know”. which is retarded because they are just stating that they dont know what they are talking about. but of course, they get their points for raising their hands. and they always volunteer to read, but they cant pronounce words and… they just cant read. but i guess its the willingness to try that counts. (or some nonsense like that). i am silent because i think its better to be silent and be thought a fool, instead of opening my mouth and removing the doubt. thats a quote from somewhere. but i dont know where. but i guess typing it up is the same as opening my mouth, so im a fool also. we are all fools.