i just lost an ebay auction. i am depressed. anyways. my hair is dry and i wear a hoodie. therefore as i pull my head through the hoodie, my hair will make static. that is why there is static in my hair. apparently, good art takes less time. i slapped together a masterpiece (in my opinion) in 15 minutes. and then made some other nonsense in 5 minutes. and showed teacher both. he complained about my first one and said it sucked and why i even showed him that. and then he loved my 5 minute art piece. probably because it was mostly black and white. and he’s colorblind. so i wonder why he even thought of going to art school and deciding to teach art. ugh. people are so stupid today. and i want my ebay item! it takes forever to find fra-foa items to buy! and its only one seller. ive bought two fra-foa things from him already. i need to get this next auction.