this rain is really depressing. i dislike the rain. well, at least this rain. its really annoying and loud. and makes everything wet. good observation, abraham. since when did rain not make things wet? when life is an umbrella. duh. or a raincoat thing. maybe rainboots. but definately not what it normally is. this rain makes everything so dull and black and white. and all the colors and hues are disappearing. and i dont want to work in school anymore. but i must. school is really discouraging. i need to reformat my computer. and maybe all my grades. start over again. that would be nice. but i cant. because the past is the past. and i cant change it. it would be nice to be able to. but then everyone would do that. and there would be no mistakes. and everyone would be perfect. and then we’d all be robots and we would feast on oils and grease and fossil fuels. but life would be good like that anyways. yes. i am so happy. i want to go drown in the rain. bye.