i used to wonder. wonder if people should just do what they are good at. or if they should pursue what they are interested in. that following dreams nonsense. so i think i have found the answer. i walk into art class. and it just hit me. of course people should just ditch their interests and just do what they are good at. its because people are following their interests that everything is mediocre. or just crap. for example, art teacher. he is colorblind. he does not deny it. so really. why is a colorblind person doing art?! because he is interested in this art thing. and so now everyone else has to suffer. its really retarded. so if people did what they are good at, everything will be fine. bahbahbah.

in other news. theres was a big girl fight during lunch. too bad it lasted all of 10 seconds because they started it right in front of principal.

and. in even better news. DIR EN GREY! neighbor used her connections to get her and me floor tickets to their first concert on their new tour. august 1. “inward scream” tour!! yatta! floor tickets! guaranteed a or b block! so i will be near the front! maybe close enough to get bled on!. ill come back hiv positive. but that is okay. because i would have seen dir en grey live! and tickets aren’t even on sale yet. yay for having a neighbor who has friends in dir en grey fanclub. !! well. she said her friend will get the tickets. but i still need to figure out how to get to japan… should be in taiwan at that time. so its good.