hi. still in taiwan. but trip thing is mostly over. so i am at taipei and yea. taiwan is weird. because they use this annoying system for years. right now it is year 95. its just the number of years after 1911. because that was some taiwanese thing. and taiwanese people have their own romanization for words. like me. chang. which is completely wrong. it should be zhang. and in taiwan, people wear jackets indoors but not outdoors. and instead of making things grow, taiwanese rain does the opposite. because of flooding or because it is so acidic. i think my arms are less hairy than before because of the acid rain. whatever. 1.5 weeks left. i have to find a lot of music when i get back. sighsihgisghsigh. in taiwan its really cool because it so small, so people can see celebrities easily. like roommate say will pan. and all those girls from wo ai hei se hue. and yea. i wish i was cool. the nightmarket is my friend. and stinky tofu is also. i have very little money. all spend on food and stuff. bye.