so, google decided that ftp on blogger was too hard and expensive to maintain. (GOOGLE… not enough money!?). so they are cutting it in march, so i decided i am switch over and install wordpress on the website and just work from there. it’s going to be weird and i have to change some of the settings. ugh, pain. anyway, google said 0.5% of blogger users use ftp, so it’s too small and not worth the time. so they are making us all switch to their blog-only hosting, blogspot or whatever. well, a lot of arguments about how these 0.5% of bloggers are the more serious bloggers to actually spend the time to set up ftp and websites and stuff. most of the blogspot blogs are “active” but are just spam blogs and get-rich-quick-adsense nonsense things. well, i think this is part of google’s recent news pulling out of china. blogspot is banned in china, so the only way to get around it is to use ftp to post onto something external. so the plan is to pull out and make the chinese sad and beg to get their blogging back. but i am caught in the crossfire. bang bang.

anyway, i am stuck to having comments and categories now. i don’t know how i’m going to work with this. i don’t like comments because i like talking to walls, make sure no one talks back and argues. but then again, who reads this and will waste their time commenting. and the categories are kind of annoying. my blog doesn’t really have much of a theme to categorize, so i guess it will always be uncategorized. i have to figure out how to remove that. and that’s that.

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