huh. i walk down at around 8:30 in the morning to try to change my class. (which i couldn’t because i need advisor signature, and advisor is not present for me to see. doing research or whatever). anyways, in that one walk, i see people that look like faye wong and lara veronin (or whatever the hell her name is. its that russian/chinese girl from nan quan mama). and i thought that was weird. bye.

hihowistheday: go buy happniess
hihowistheday: costco sized

D0nk3X: sigh
D0nk3X: gg roomate assignment
D0nk3X: I like to: Play Magic, teach debate, play frisbee, and hide from the government.

D0nk3X: In second grade, I wanted to be a time traveller. That’s because I watched Back to the Future. Long story short, I realized that legos were not sufficent materials to build a flux capacitor. Then came third grade.

I’m actually going to skip third grade. Not because it’s embarassing, but because I actually skipped third grade.
D0nk3X: great
D0nk3X: nerd more plz