Monthly Archives: May 2014

went to see chthonic at paganfest two days ago at san francisco. amazing show. so much energy and pro-taiwanese. met doris after. freddy and jesse left early, probably because everyone just wanted to meet doris. some nice taiwanese people behind us in the crowd gave us some “hell money” to throw during the concert. it’s supposed to be burnt and sent to the afterlife for people that died, and taboo to give to others, but it was fun throwing it. doris also signed one sheet for me. she asked if i was still in school, i said i already graduated, and she said 加油, and something about supporting taiwanese independence. so sweet. has a cute-sy taiwanese girl voice too. so conflicting with chthonic’s image.

the two bands before chthonic were okay. varg had a lot of energy. they were german and drunk and loud and aggressive. there was some mosh pits. they said “this next song is about killing your worst enemy” and then everyone kind of moved away from the mosh pit. the other band was winterhymn which comes from the cold harsh winters of cincinnati , ohio. they played folk metal, which was kind of funky. we left after chthonic, so we didn’t see the other bands.

1. Oceanquake
2. Supreme Pain for the Tyrant
3. Next Republic
4. Sail Into the Sunset’s Fire
5. Defenders of Bú-tik Palace
6. Takao