Monthly Archives: September 2013

went to olafur arnald’s concert yesterday. nils frahm and hauschka also opened for him. they were all really good.

friend and i were eating before the show at some japanese restaurant. we were talking and i was facing the door. suddenly olafur arnalds, nils frahm, and their other crew people suddenly came in and sat down in the table next to us. it was pretty surreal and cool. i walk up to him and ask “…. are..are you olafur arnalds?” and he looks at me and says “… yeaa..” and i saw “…hi, um i’m going to your concert later…” “…” “… uh, can i get a picture with you?” he looks around and says “okayyy..” so i take a picture and he says “okay. see you later” that was it. it was so cool.

fairly relaxing day, went to ACLS training. who knew that training on how to resuscitate dead patients in a code situation would be relaxing, but it was. so much stuff to do on the other days, it’s a nice break.

the board of pharmacy is kind of eh. they have a law that on the first renewal, no continuing education needs to be done, so i sent in my renewal. i saw they cashed my check, so i checked my license status yesterday and they held my account because i had no continuing education done. i even wrote “first renewal” on my application for renewal. apparently it happens to everyone, so that sucks. i called today, and apparently they changed it this morning. maybe they got my email last night. oh well. i guess everything is good.

i guess this got lost when i lost my site:

Synthesis, Structure, and Catalytic Studies of Palladium and Platinum Bis-Sulfoxide Complexes
Emma E. Drinkel , Linglin Wu , Anthony Linden , and Reto Dorta *
Institute of Organic Chemistry, University of Zurich, Winterthurerstrasse 190, 8057 Zurich, Switzerland
Organometallics, Article ASAP
DOI: 10.1021/om4000067
Publication Date (Web): July 12, 2013
Copyright © 2013 American Chemical Society

page 12 of supporting information:

Emma, please insert NMR data here! where are they? and for this compound, just make up an elemental analysis…

i don’t know if i’ve posted this before, but one of my biggest fears of working in the hospital is if i see someone who i know.

keep having dreams again about high school english class. not doing readings and freaking out about the hard quizzes and tests and everything. i have no idea why. this is bad.

saw a classmate from high school on the train today. we talked for about 5 minutes. it was interesting. haven’t seen her since high school. surprised she still remembered who i was. small talk small talk. and goodbye, this is my stop. bye bye see you next time.