Monthly Archives: August 2013

webhost died a few weeks ago. doesn’t seem like it’s coming back. apparently my last backup was from march, so i guess march to august is just a bunch of lost memories. oh well. in that time, i got a job at dameron hospital, so i went part-time at rite aid. then i matched residency at stanford, so i quit rite aid and went part time at dameron. residency is busy but fun. learn lots of things. finished cardiology rotation. lots of weird cardiology stuff like marfans syndrome, translocation of the great vessels, even a case of complete heart block due to lyme’s disease. lots of interesting devices also, like the impella and the LVAD. then finished bone marrow transplant rotation. lots of sad cases. patients sitting in the hospital for months and months because of complications. next rotation: ambulatory care / clinic. we’ll see how that goes.