Monthly Archives: January 2013

patient drives up to drive-thru and asks for a flushot. when he realizes that i can’t break open the glass of the drive-thru to give him the flushot, he comes in. he has kaiser.

found out i live on the same street as one of my beloved problem patients. sigh.

last month, patient transferred prescriptions from another store in my chain. had like 5 prescriptions that were cash. cost about $700. called patient, patient was like “okay no problem!” other store called and warned us that she was trying to buy the prescriptions with a credit card that was not her own. she came in and did the same thing. she claimed it was her boyfriend’s card and he was in the hospital. anyway, we didn’t let her have it. a few days later, we got a call to transfer the rx to some place in florida. we assumed she probably went mail-order so the meds will be cheaper. so whatever, transfer them out.

today she comes in and claims that she didn’t know about the transfer. i guess someone is screwing with her like she was screwing with someone else’s credit card. karma is a bitch.

i was sick so i took amoxicillin 500 mg three times a day for 7 days. i missed one dose. patient compliance is not so good.

always feel like i have a worst disease than i really have. i guess that is good that i’m not very good at diagnosis.

it feels bad to be sick. no wonder patients are always so angry and miserable. ugh.

i was going to do something, but i forgot. happens so often. ugh. need to work on short-term memory.