Monthly Archives: January 2013

it’s really weird seeing patients in the public. and seeing businesses with their names on the signs.

today i refused to sell a patient vicodin because she didn’t want to pick up the antibiotics that came with the prescription. come home and i find that the FDA advisory committee votes 19 to 10 to place vicodin in C-II category, making the number 1 dispensed drug in the united states so restricted that every prescription must be handwritten, with no refills. ugh. what a pain.

The Mainland is my mother, Taiwan is my wife, Hong Kong is a lover, and the West is an affair.


best quote ever.

this is getting ridiculous. i’m going to need ambien or something soon.

once a patient with attitude came through the drive-thru and paid for her $1.15 medicare prescriptions with pennies and nickels. it was ridiculous, so i took my sweet time counting all the money after. soon after the transition ended and i walked away, she dinged again. and i went back. she said doctor cancelled the prescription. i said “uh. your doctor just sent the new prescription in 3 days ago, but if you want me to return it, i can”. so i return it. and give back her pennies and nickels. the pharmacy is not your coinstar machine.

it’s kind of sad that as a pharmacy we’ve been pushing and promoting flu shots since August last year, but no one wants to get one. but once the media sensationalizes it with how bad it is this year and all the deaths, then everyone changes their minds. we live in a society where people don’t listen to their doctors or pharmacists or healthcare providers, only the media and paid-off doctors promoting non-studied supplements (ie. dr oz)