Monthly Archives: December 2012

i am sitting here drinking gin and tonic. apparently this brand of gin is too sweet or something, according to reviews. not gin enough to be gin. people are so picky about this stuff. i think it tastes okay. the lime is good. i like lime. sour citrus fruits. need to grow some citrus trees and have neverending fruits. i’m hungry. filiipino food is good. sisig fries. i don’t understand beijing accent. i can never understand chinese. fibromyalgia. train in the background.

“Let me say first to everyone that not all people are the same. In the same way that there are no two identical apples in a barrel… The fact is that there are short people and tall people, but the world is built for medium-sized people.”

– Leonid Stadnyk, an unhappy 8 ft 4 in Ukranian.

once upon a time, a patient went to the emergency room for heart burn. what a waste of tax dollars. when i counseled the patient on her new prescription of omeprazole, she told me she ordered pizza for dinner tonight. SIGH. people don’t learn.