Monthly Archives: November 2012

i think it’s weird when there’s bra straps when i do flu shots. i always imagine them slipping and hitting the needles and the needle will rip a hole in their arm and blood will be everywhere, and maybe the elasticity will shoot the needle into my face. so dangerous.

it’s kind of sad that the archives links on the right side are so long, but the content of these new posts are getting shorter and shorter. life is like that, i guess. a lot of old thoughts. nothing new. can only continue to ponder the old.

patient goes to the emergency room to get a prescription for prenatal vitamins. VITAMINS!? really?! stop wasting tax dollars.

i had a dream that i had systemic lupus erythematosus. it was weird. i woke up and had a butterfly rash. well, woke up in the dream. then i felt all the pain and stuff. and renal failure, vision issues, etc. all that SLE stuff. then i woke up and was glad my immune system was still functioning normally. hopefully.

watched skyfall. finally a good daniel craig bond film. it was quite good with beautiful cinematography. also watched “its such a beautiful day” by don hertzfeldt. such a beautiful movie. i dont know where don getes all his ideas. amazing. he says his dreams, but he must have weird dreams. and he’s so creative with his light effects. amazingggggggg!!!