Monthly Archives: October 2012

a patient altered his prescription for viagra 50 mg to 500 mg. did he expect me to compound that for him? he’ll have a priapism for a week.

gave a consultation today on which lubricant works best with a vibrator.

saw stars three days ago on 10/20/12.

they were really good. i actually didn’t even know what they look like. guess their music is so good i didn’t even bother looking up what they looked like. the opening acts were “california wives” and “diamond rings”. california wives was okay, but they sounded like stars without the girl. diamond rings was absolutely great. he’s very exciting and flamboyant and hilarious. it was one of the few shows where i actually enjoyed the opening acts. actually probably the only show. the only other time was when i went to family values to see dir en grey because they were the opening act. that was a long time ago…

anyway, nothing much to say about stars. they make music and they are from canada.

1. The Theory of Relativity
2. Fixed
3. A Song Is a Weapon
4. Ageless Beauty
5. The North
6. We Don’t Want Your Body
7. Through the Mines
8. Midnight Coward
9. Your Ex-Lover is Dead
10. Backlines
11. Do You Want to Die Together?
12. Soft Revolution
13. Lights Changing Colour
14. Dead Hearts
15. Elevator Love Letter
16. Look Up
17. Hold on When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It
18. Take Me to the Riot
19. Walls
1. Progress
2. One More Night
3. The 400

today i learned that there is one type of louse for chimpanzees and another for gorillas. humans have two kinds of lice: hair and pubic. the hair louse is closer to chimpanzee and the pubic one is closer to the gorilla. it’s weird if you think about how we got the pubic lice.

patient came in and asked about gastritis. she thinks it is “gas” in her stomach.

child has anaphylaxis from peanuts and the parent brings him into the pharmacy. what a great decision. too bad medical costs are so high that this was probably his only choice. sigh.