Monthly Archives: September 2012

listened to jean sibelius all day. good finland classical music. so much power.

listened to radio today on the way to work. they were talking about the plan b thing going on at schools. where they are allowing students to get emergency contraceptives without letting their parents know. they went on to say how they are taking this privacy rights thing too far. parents bring their kids to the doctors and they can’t know what the appointment is for. (but they have to pay for it). it is ridiculous. parenting is important. if the emergency contraception is being used for rape or abuse, that is a crime, and must be dealt with. not kept a secret because of privacy laws. but the government just likes to cover up everything. so we don’t even have to parent our own kids.

had a weird dream about azithromycin. patient came in with a prescription to drink the whole bottle of azithromycin. i reconsituted it. instead of adding 9 mls of water, i might have added 8 mls or whatever. but patient was complaining i wasn’t giving her enough. i had to explain that the same amount of drug is in there, so it doesn’t matter since she’s supposed to drink the whole bottle at once. argue argue argue. even weirder was that the patient was jenny mccarthy. very awkward. and all i could think of was her thing about vaccines causing autism. that was my dream.

apparently jim carrey thinks that also now. (about the vaccines) because they had a 5 year relationship. or something. movie stars.

oops, sorry doctor. caught one of your medical assistants calling in phony prescriptions after-hours.

dogs on digoxin, spironolactone, benazepril. it’s like a good heart failure regimen. why don’t i see patients on equally good regimens.

also dogs on fluoxetine. depressed dog, huh.

landlord’s dog had surgery. is on tramadol. completely changed its personality. don’t know if it is the surgery or the drugs.

bought a half-gallon of milk today. came back, found out refrigerator is broken. drank most of the milk to save it. at least it wasn’t a full-gallon?

broken car. so inconvenient. broken radiator. LEAK LEAK LEAK. WATER EVERYWHERE. entropy sucks.